© Enamour’s Spirit 2010 Aerin Pricna Hora “S h e e v a”        born on 21.11.2005 in Petrovice, Czechia   After Enya died we were not searching for another Wolfhound, but Candy´s condition was very bad now  and we had to do something.   Little Sheeva came in the middle of January - in a winter with a lot of snow - to us. She was the first  flying dog because Pepi went for her by plane - so it was a short flight in the cabin instead of driving by  car for 10 hours.  Our “Zwergi - that´s what we called her from the beginning and means “Dwarf” - did not only have a very  positive influence on our Candy, she also made it easier to handle our losses.  Sheeva is a very calm girl, except when she wants to get what she likes mostely: to be fondled, over and  over Her favourite toy is a bear, almost one meter of size that she loved from the beginning. Still today  before going to sleep she takes his nose in her mouth for a few minutes - it`s  sooooo nice to watch her.  We found out that Sheeva had a lot of fun to to hunt the artificial rabbit. But in real live it was more fun  to track down pheasants. She did the coursing and racing licenses and was very often an escort to other  dogs that needed a licence. The most fun it was to her to run with Chayenne, because of their speed she  leave the major work on her.