© Enamour’s Spirit 2010               Enamour Irmidu                                         “E n y a”  born on 09. May 2000 at Choustnik, died on 17. September 2008   Enya was the dog that we were waiting for such a long time. After our decision for her was done by  good feeling we were told that her breeder would have liked that we choose another puppy because she  was the smallest  of the litter. But our baby developed excellent and finally her shoulder height was  approximately 86 cm.  She was an Irish Wolfhound like a textbook example, perhaps not absolute for most of the judges, but  her character was unique. I heard her growl only once, that was when Candy was  threatened by an  other dog.  She passed the course and the examination for being official a companion dog in phlegm. What she  absolutely did not understand during the exam was the exercise, where she had to lie for “such a long  time” and in “very big distance”, especially because we told her from the first moment on to stay close  to us. Until the examination she could not make it to stay there for the required 10 minutes, but I think  she felt that I was very nervous and at this time she stayed.    An Irish Wolfhound is a little bit different, he does not bring you his toy a hundred times or walks as  young dog with you on the leash for hours - that is something you always should remember.