© Enamour’s Spirit 2010 Carrie von Schloß Neuschwanstein                                         “C  a n d y”  born  11. Feber 2001 in Göd, Hungary, died. on 17. September 2008   The decision - one dog only is one too less - was made before we got our first one. It was a wonderful day on a small exhibition that we spent with our new friends and among their five Irish Wolfhounds.   Actually the second IW should be from the kennel of our friends, but Banva and her danish IW-male had a different opinion. So it came as it has to: we drove to Hungary to have a look on a puppy and on our way back this puppy was with us. As the name Carry always remembered us on the horrorfilm of Stephen King we called her a bit sweeter and that is Candy. Enya accepted her from the first moment on and they got an unbeatable team. When Enya died - as she was alone now -  she got more and more sad. With the help of our friends it was easier to make a find and a few weeks later Airin Pricna Hora - called Sheeva - joined us and Candy revived rapidly.