© Enamour’s Spirit 2010 Our house is shared by the moneymakers Pepi and Gabi, the Irish Wolfhounds Chayenne and Sheeva,  the cats Biene and Gizmo and an uncountable amount of  fishes in four aquaria.  Except the fishes everybody in this house tries to  arrange on the couch - that was bought exclusively for  this reason - in the evening.  But this does not mean that our dogs are  couchpotatoes. Additional to our daily walks we give  them the chance to move on the racetrack or to do  coursings. Anyhow, they are sighthounds and have a lot  of fun to hunt bundled plastic tapes.   Nonetheless or  especially because of this they are  very calm in the house and allthoug their size it is  never a problem inside. Except you are waiting too long  with feeding them, then they will remind you, for sure.