© Enamour’s Spirit 2010 Flower of Twilight Zone                    “C h a y e n n e”      born on 17. May 2007 in Göd, Hungary   Chayenne was not planned to enter into our lives. Originally we wanted a puppy from  the Swiss kennel  “Green Ireland”, but the litter was delayed by more than one year. In Budapest, at an exhibition, I noticed the beautiful dogs of the kennel “Glor na Gael”. At this time  there was no litter, but we were told that there was an other Hungarian breeder that had a litter from  two Glor na Gael dogs and that some of them were available.  Short after Chayenne joined us we knew that she was different to the Wolfhounds we owned till now.  Even as a small puppy her need for movement and to explore everything was enormous. It was almost  impossible to do a “normal” walk with her because she only wanted to run. Therefore she was allowed -  like Sheeva - to remove her excessive energy on the race track.  Short after this she made her first trials in coursing and it seemed to be a passion to her and we  supported this talent. We had to do the normal procedure - trainings and license runs - to get the racing  and coursing license. Her first coursing in January 2009 was on a new kind of surface - snow - and she  won it.   A friend of mine told me that she had dreamed that Chayenne was  European Coursing Champion. It was really rediculous to me at this  time that this unexperienced dog would be able to win a coursing like  this, but as the event was close to us - in the neighbouring country  Czech Republic - we gave her the opportunity. We drove to  Marienbad and Chayenne won - as predicted - in a field of 15  starters. No need to say that we were very proud. It was not the  last time that she has won. Within the last two years there were  only two coursings that she did not win and one of them the reason  was the starter - it was myself. Usually we are once a week on the racetrack to keep her in a good condition if there is no other event.  Very soon we found out that she is very fast for an Irish Wolfhound and so we visited the 2010 World  Championship in Rabapatona, Hungary,  and she won also this title.  I am very pleased about the fact that she is among the best if  there are also other sighthounds than Irish Wolfhounds in the  competition.   I am happy that she has a very good body control that made it  possible that she had almost no injuries. The only thing that  happened was a slightly cracked toe this spring that was leading to  a break in training, so she was not in best condition when we  travelled to European Coursing Championship 2010 in Chardonnay,  France. Chayenne’s results on Racetracks (R) and Coursings 24.01.2009 1. of 7 CACIL  Stubaital (A) 26.04.2009 4. of 14 CACIL (R) Untersiebenbrunn (A) 03.05.2009 2. of 10 CACIL  Manerba (I) 09.05.2009 1. of 9 CACIL  Spitzerberg (A) 21.06.2009 1. of 4 CCLA    Niederabsdorf (A) 25.07.2009 1. of 15 CACIL  Marienbad (CZ)          European Coursing Champion 2009 06.09.2009 1. of 2 CCLA    Dolsko (SLO)          Best of day 20.09.2009 1. of 5 FCW Club Championship Niederabsdorf (A) 11.10.2009 1. of 2 CCLA    Passirano (I) Eurocupwinner 2009 25.10.2009 1. of 4 CCLA    Spitzerberg (A) ÖKWZR Coursingchampion 2009 23.01.2010 1. of 10 CACIL  Stubaital (A)          Best of day 04.04.2010 1. of 4 Vereinsmeisterschaft Spitzerberg (A) 25.04.2010 1. of 5 CCLA (R)  Untersiebenbrunn (A) 27.06.2010 1. of 3 CCLA (R)  Untersiebenbrunn (A) 23.07.2010 1. of 9 CACIL  Chardonnay (F) European Coursing Champion 2009 04.09.2010 1. of 5 CACIL (R) Rabapatona (H) World Champion 2010 03.10.2010 1. of 3 CACIL  Untersiebenbrunn (A) 17.10.2010 4. of 4 CACIL   Inzing (A) 24.10.2010 1. of 3 CCLA    Spitzerberg (A)