Welcome  to our small home that we share since eleven years with Irish  Wolfhounds, cats and fishes. We live in Eastern Austria and our first contact with Irish Wolfhounds was  approximately 23 years ago and of course we were fascinated from this giant race. Both of us were imaginating how beautiful it would be to live together with dogs again, but because of our jobs there was not enough time to spend with them and so we always delayed the decision to fulfill our big wish. Then, 12 years later, our situation changed  and   now there was enough time to spend with a dog.  After a visit of a dog show where we met owners of Irish Wolfhounds  and talked a lot with them, our decision for an Irish Wolfhound was done and on July 1th 2000 we got our first one. Her name was Enamour Irmidu but we called her Enya or Puppe - that  means “doll”. Nine month later happened what our friends told us: you will have more  than one Wolfhound. So Carry vom Schloß Neuschwanstein joined us and the 2 girls got bosom friends. For bad luck our Enya left us much too early, she died in December 2005, the reason was bone cancer. With the choice of our kennel name we wanted to raise a little monument. . © Enamour’s Spirit 2010